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Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaws

Art#: 1050

No amount of words can be enough to describe the beauty of hyacinths. With its great intelligence and calm demeanor, the Hyacinth is one of the most desirable of the psittacine species! Contact us to buy your dream hyacinth.

The Hyacinth macaw is the most majestic of all parrots. Although the Hyacinth Macaw and Green Wing Macaw are both commonly referred to as the Gentle Giant of the macaw species, the Hyacinths are truly the dream bird of all bird lovers. 



If you plan to acquire a Hyacinth Macaw as a family pet, it might also be wise to either get a young bird, shortly after weaning, or one that has been well socialized. And our Aviary is just the right place for that. Hyacinths are easily trained, and are, by nature, very affectionate birds. If a baby is shy when you get him, it will normally not take much time to get him to respond to affection from you. With proper training and socialization, you could not find a more affectionate or responsive macaw as a pet bird.

N.B. WE DO NOT SELL UNWEANED HYACINTH MACAWS. Be very wary of breeders that will sell an unweaned Hyacinth Macaw baby. Hyacinths are much more sensitive than other macaw babies, and are more likely to dehydrate or develop yeast or bacterial infections than most other macaws. You may be able to purchase one for less at a younger age, but you really wont be saving anything if you lose the baby.