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Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots

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Various types of amazons available. Contact us to purchase yours today.

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 Panama Amazons 



The Yellow Nape Amazon is one of the most talented talkers of the amazon species. This very intelligent member of the amazon family will usually start learning to talk as young as 4 months, and their capacity to learn new words and phrases increases as they get older. This is one of the few parrots that can have a beautiful singing voice and is often taught to sing songs from the opera.

The young Yellow Nape Amazons do not have the yellow on their nape. This usually starts to develop at the age of 1-2 years and is not fully developed until about 5 years of age. Depending on the sub-species, a Yellow Nape Amazon may, or may not, have yellow on the top of the head, and one sub-species does not develop the yellow on the nape. The Yellow Nape is also one of the larger of the Amazon species.

            The Blue Front Amazon is one of the most popular of the Amazons. His color can vary from the Chaco that tends to have more yellow and pastel blue on the head and more red the bend of the wing to the more common sub-species that has primarily a medium blue on the head and much less red on the top to the wing. The Blue Front Amazon, as with most amazons, are comical and entertaining pets. Their temperament is very dependent on their upbringing and the teaching they have had as youngsters. They are rated as the third best talkers of the amazons, and can make very good pets if their aggressive nature is kept in check when they are young.

            The double yellow-headed Amazon Parrot is revered for its talking ability and great beauty! This is a quintessential parrot!   The Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon is the same subspecies as the regular Double Yellow-Headed but is slightly larger and has more yellow on the head at a younger age. This type also develops more extensive yellow and red coloring as an adult and is extremely beautiful! The personality traits are the same in both types.

            Another amazon subspecies is the Tres Marias amazon. The Tres Marias Amazon is a subspecies of the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. Its original habitat was three islands off the western coast of Mexico called the Tres Marias Islands. This subspecie is quite rare in aviculture and is often confused with the Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. Although the Tres Marias amazon is often confused with the Magna because of the amount of yellow on the head, they are actually quite different. The Tres Marias is a bit smaller, has no barring on the chest feathers, has a bluish cast to the chest feathers, and has little or no yellow on the wing epaulets.
            The Red Lored Amazon is about the same size as the Blue Front Amazon. The top front of the head is red, cheeks are yellow, and there is a white eye ring around the eyes.

Amazon Parrots require a diet high in natural beta carotenes. We recommend a fresh natural diet for Amazon Parrots. Root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes are important additions to the diet. Please do not feed Amazon Parrots a processed pelleted food as the basis of their diet. Pellets do not contain the phytonutrients that whole fresh foods have. Sprouted seeds and grains are also recommended.