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African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots

Art#: 1052

You just cannot resist the intelligence of the African grey parrots. We have them available for sale now. Contact us to purchase yours today. African Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus)  have the reputation for being amongst the most intelligent of all birds. Their human-like ability to mimic speech and gentle nature have made them popular pets.


African Greys are one of the most popular companion parrots available. They are highly intelligent birds. They have ability to imitate human speech and just about any other sound they so choose.
The amazing thing is that African Greys often use words and sounds in context. For instance, when you stand in front of the microwave the bird starts making the beeping noise for 2 minutes and then the sound of the microwave running. Or maybe every time you give it a banana slice you say, "Don not you shake your head" because he flings it as he eats. Your bird may say that to you the next time you give him a banana slice, before you can say it to him.
There are two types of African Greys. The Congo Grey and the Timneh Grey.
Types of African Greys

Congo Greys: The Congo Grey is larger than the Timneh. It has red tail feathers and a black beak.
Timneh Greys: The Timneh Grey is smaller than the Congo. It has more of a maroon colored tail, and its beak will have some reddish-beige tints in it.